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Our Bagels

Onion, Garlic, Salt, Poppy seeds, sesame seeds.

Plain Bagel with blueberries mixed in the dough

Bagel with only salt, sugar, sesame oil, flour and filtered water.

Asiago Cheese
Aged sharp cheese on a plain bagel.

Asiago/ Jalapeno
Pickled minced jalapenos mixed in the dough with Asiago on top.

Sesame Seed
Plain bagel with Sesame seeds on top.

Poppy Seed
Plain bagel with Poppy Seeds on top.

Plain bagel with minced onions on top.

Plain bagel with minced garlic on top.

Cinnamon mixed in the dough.

Cinnamon/ Raisin
Cinnamon and raisins mixed in the dough.

Chocolate Chip
Chocolate Chips mixed in the dough.

Maple/ Bacon
Bacon mixed in the dough with maple syrup and Demerara sugar on top.

Plain bagel with Sea Salt on top.

Your Custom Bagel
Let us know the favor you are looking for by contacting us.

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